Sri. B.S.Yediyurappa

Hon'ble Chief Minister,
Government of Karnataka

Sri. Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan

Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister,
Hon'ble Minister of Higher Education, IT & BT,
Science and Technology
Government of Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka invites Corporate companies, Philanthropists, Sponsors, Alumni and Patrons of education to join hands and remedythis paucity through donation of cash or kind via sampradana portal. This portal allows you to choose the beneficiary, directs your largesse to those you intend, produces receipt towards donation and gratefully acknowledges your generosity. Your generosity is extremely consequential in building quality Higher Education Institutions and here is how.

Government Institutions of Higher Education witness the aspirational mindset of students from rural background and fringe social sections, like no other. Basic infrastructure like own land, own building, sufficient number of class rooms, laboratories, library, toilets, staff rooms, water and electricity, internet still elude these colleges despite regular funding from the Government. Tens of other amenities like scholarships to the needy and deserving, modern instructional aids, scores of software to hasten the processes, digital repositories, skill training, placement activities, fitness zones and most importantly, a square meal during mid-day have yet been on the wishlist of these institutions of Higher learning.

A few Government Institutions already endowed with these basic facilities must be upscaled to Higher echelons of excellence by promoting research by funding projects, establishing Central Instrumentation Facility, Incubation Centre, organizing Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposia etc, modernising teaching-learning processes by creating Smart Classrooms, launching Internet Resource Centres and language labs, Foreign Languages schools.

Expecting GovernmentInstitutions to developinto premier institutions with primitive and meagreresources is understandably pointless. Alongside, the NAAC and AICTE accreditation mandates some of these facilities for securing good grades which are crucial for obtaining funds from Central Government organizations/schemes.

While you decide to be a part of this noble endeavour, you could either donate cash or materials or both. Your contribution will bear the name of your choice. So much for your immediate and genuineattention.